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Lawnpro has lawncare programs available to suit all types of lawns and conditions

LawnPro means keeping lawns green, healthy and beautiful all over South Africa

 Lawnpro Telephone:
    • (012) 804 7065
    • (012) 804 7951 
    • 082 415 4618LawnPro, Lawn-pro or Lawnpro. Call us what you like, fact of the matter is that LawnPro is synonymous with professional lawncare in South Africa. Lawnpro is fully aware that your lawn is a feature of your home that cannot be neglected, just like your health. We pride ourselves as being the leading Lawn Company in South Africa.

Our Lawnpro Lawn Specialist will carefully scrutinize your lawn and undertake a FREE 14 pt lawn analysis of the lawn. He will search for any weeds, insects and diseases before prescribing one of the many magnificent lawn maintenance plans that he has to offer.

Lawnpro's qualified pest control operators and other staff contingent, can visit your lawn up to 12 times a year. The tasks include evenly applying our unique blend of fertilizers, insect, weed and disease control agents to the homeowner's lawn, visits by PRO inspectors, treatments against plagues like mole crickets, termites and diseases as well as follow up and touch up visits.

The application of specialized fertilizers together with a specific Lawn-pro Lawn Boost, and other continuous lawn care elements, will ensure that the lawn is healthy all year round.

A healthy green lawn is the canvas on which a homeowner has painted his garden, a kingdom to invite friends and loved ones into and a playground for their kids to enjoy.

A Lawnpro franchisee has the needs of his customers at heart and you can rest assured that while he is continuously aplying his lawncare service, you'll have one of the healthiest lawns in your neighborhood.

Lawnpro started offering lawn care services to Pretoria residents in 1992, and never looked back. Presently they operate franchises country wide.

This does not include lawn mowing or edge trimming of lawns, a service traditionally offered by garden service businesses. Lawn maintenance differs from garden services in that a Lawnpro lawn specialist is registered to offer turf maintenance services relating to the use of products not available to the garden service industry. Lawnpro agents are also registered to use these products and are approved by the National Department of Agriculture (NDA).

The Lawnpro website is full of lawn care tips on how to treat a lawn. Lawn treatment must be undertaken at least 4 times a year, once in each season. Lawn care maintenance ideally consists of planned visits and the even application of products that will control insects, control weeds, control lawn diseases and feed lawns.

Lawnpro franchisees are true lawn apecialists. They work with instant lawn as well as lawn seed, normally with the explicit aim of delivering green grass, green lawn and a healthy lawn.

Lawnpro - "The grass is always greener on our side"

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