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Lawn seed includes Kikuyu seed as well as other grass seeds

Disease free Kikuyu, LM Lawn and Cynodon Instant Lawns are cultivated by Lawnpro.

Lawn Seed versus Instant Lawn

The only real question is: "How soon do you want to start cutting your grass?" Do yo know that answer? Drop Richard a line on or phone Philip on 012 8047065

But before we get ther you may want to check this out:

  1. Instructions on how to overseed an existing Lawn

Whether you choose to create your lawn with grass seed or sod, proper care during development will yield the same results. Preparation for both grass seed and sod is basically the same and care will need to be given to your new lawn as it grows. Grass seed will require more frequent watering while the seed establishes and traffic will have to be eliminated for several weeks. If you are unsure whether grass seed or sod is better for your location, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Fact is that you will have plenty of money for jam if you decide to seed instead if sod.

  • Lawn seed sowing tips
  • Autumn and spring is the best time to sow.
  • Apply fertilizer according to and subject to a soil test or tests.
  • Work fertilizer into seed bed before sowing.
  • Requires well prepared and fine seedbed.
  • Do not irrigate before sowing the seed.
  • Soil surface to be rolled hard enough not to leave shoe indentation before seed is evenly sowed and lightly raked in.
  • Repeat rolling procedure after raking process.
  • Seed must not be deeper than 5mm below the surface.
  • Apply just enough water to keep the top 20 mm of soil damp until the seeds have germinated.
  • Mow often and apply about 25mm of irrigation per week.
  • Cool season lawn, and Kikuyu is not one of them, must not be mowed down more than a third of the grass blade at a time.

Click on one of the following links if you want to read more about a specific grass or want to see pictures of the grass you are interested in.

Link: To a table of comparison on all Lawnpro Lawn Seeds

Better still email Richard C Erasmus on for more information. 

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