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Mole cricket pictures

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  • These lawn pests are called mole crickets, lawn crickets, flying moles, cricket moles, mole crickets.  Whatever you choose to call them (we call them mole crickets,) proper pest control techniques and products will cut back on control failures.
  • Mole crickets are the number one pest of turf in South Africa
  • Their damage appears as brown spongy areas within normal green grass. Upon inspection you will notice the grass has been eaten just below the surface, separating the plant from its roots. Mole crickets are especially fond of Bermuda and Kikuyu grass, but have also been detected on most other lawn grasses and even plant roots.
  • Wasting your money on pesticides and baits that mole crickets have shown a resistance to is one of the first mistakes most people make. 
  • Lawnpro products and methods are the best for mole cricket prevention and mole cricket elimination.




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