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Give your lawn a better chance

Free intensive care against Frost on your Lawn

Conditions that apply for FREE WinterFlash and WinterStimulator products

  • This service offering only applies to lawns seasonally serviced by Lawnpro's Silverton Branch.
  • This is a limited offer and will only apply while stocks last.
  • The winter Stimulator and winter Flash products will only be applied during a complete seasonal lawn treatment by Silverton branch.
  • Additional visits to apply the above products will be quoted for separately.

 Winter Stimulator:


  • Increases the cell wall thickness in the grass leaf, making the grass more frost resistant.
  • Enhance the winter hardiness of the plant.
  • Create a healthier root zone by increasing root strength and mass
  • Improve soil structure




  • Grass will become less susceptible to frost bite
  • Plants will grow and recover faster
  • Plants are more drought resistant
  • Plant will be able to fight off diseases like rust more easily
  • Increased pest resistance
  • Water usage in the plant will increase

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