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Lawnpro has lawncare programs available to suit all types of lawns and conditions.

Lawnpro means keeping lawns green, healthy and beautiful all over South Africa


We treat your lawn every season

Since 1992 we have fixed all lawns

Lawnpro solves all lawn shade problems

We do completely new lawn make-overs

Lawn Pro is synonymous with professional lawn care treatment in South Africa


This is a typical Treated Lawn. The Photograph was captured in May 2018. The owner only needs to water and mow the lawn according to the Lawn Specialist's instructions. The rest is up to Lawnpro, the Lawn Doctor
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Our Lawnpro Lawn Specialist will search for any lawn weeds, lawn insects, mole crickets, lawn termites and lawn diseases before prescribing one of the many lawn maintenance plans that the lawn doctor has to offer.

Lawnpro can visit the lawn 4 times a year and evenly apply a magical blend of lawn chemicals so that you are guaranteed the most beautiful green lawn on the block.

Your lawn can instantly become the envy of your friends and neighbours, a playground for kids to enjoy and a place for you to relax.

You want a nice green lawn? So do we, let's do it together.

The Lawnpro website is full of lawn care tips on how to treat a lawn.

We plant instant lawn as well as lawn seed, normally with the explicit aim of delivering green grass, green lawn and a healthy lawn.

Lawnpro - "The grass is always greener on our side"

A healthy green lawn is the canvas on which a home owner has painted his garden, a kingdom to invite his friends and loved ones onto and a playground for the kids to enjoy

  • LAWNPRO is the key that can unlock the hidden beauty of any lawn, including yours.
  • LAWNPRO will also keep it that way by accepting your lawn into their Seasonal Lawn Treatment Program.
  • LAWNPRO will visit your lawn 4 times a year, once every season - Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring.
  • Lawnpro will evenly apply their magical blend of seasonal lawn foods, insect control products, weeds control agents and soil conditioners. 
    Your lawn will improve every year - GUARANTEED. The Lawnpro seasonal treatment program includes:
  • Evenly applying our unique blend of fertilizers
  • Application of insecticides
  • Application of herbicides
  • Fungicide applications
  • Visits by PRO inspectors
  • Treatments against plagues like mole crickets, termites and lawn diseases
  • Follow up and touch up visits
  • Some sound advice on how to water lawns and mow lawns
  • The application of specialized lawn fertilizers together with a specific Lawn-pro Lawn Boost, and other continuous lawn care will ensure that your lawn is healthy all year round..

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