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Planting lawn from top quality seedlings will cost you a lot less than trying to plant instant lawn. Lawnpro lawn plugs allow you to get your lawn established in next to no time, and is the cheapest way of planting lawn.

Lawnpro supplies customers provides you with a massive choice when it comes to seedlings, and will not only help you to make your decision on the right type of grass species, but we will also supply you with detailed planting instructions on how to get your lawn settled by utilizing our unique lawn trays. Place your order today and Lawnpro will deliver your lawn plugs straight to your door.

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Quality comes first when it you look at Lawnpro seedlings, and is of utmost importance. Lawnpro will ensure that your lawn plugs get delivered to you on time, ready for you to get planting in next to now time.

Our goal is to not only supply you with choice from various species of seedlings to suite your climatic and soil conditions, but to guide you through the planting process.

Benefits of Lawnpro seedlings include:

  • All Lawnpro plantlings and seedlings are weed and disease free.
  • Light and easy to transport and handle
  • Quick coverage of your intended plant area
  • 100% survival after planting is possible
  • Low establishment costs

Below you will find a list of just some of the lawn species we can supply:

  • LM lawn or Berea
  • Kikuyu
  • Cynodon - wide variety of Cynodon species can be supplied
  • Kearsney
  • Buffalo or St Augustines
  • Berea
  • Supergreen
  • Contact us today if the lawn that you are looking for is not on the list


Some guidelines to help you determine what you will require:

  • Minimum order of 10 trays
  • Price includes delivery in Gauteng
  • 200 seedlings per tray
  • Each tray covers between 6m² and 8m² or minimum order up to 80m²
  • Seedlings are planted up to 20cm apart
  • Can be cut after 6-8 weeks


Planting Application:

  • Spacing between plants   150mm Plants per m²=44
  • Spacing between plants   200mm Plants per m²=25
  • Spacing between plants   300mm Plants per m²=11


If you are unsure about anything, please contact a Lawnpro consultant as soon as possible and we will help you.


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